It is Called PRACTICE for a Reason

Letting go of everything you know. Everything you thought you knew. Pretty well most things that made sense to you now look questionable. That is right peeps, you cannot grow without letting it all go. Yes, it does come with this overwhelming feeling of having no control, mixed together with a wrenching gut feeling of fear and anxiety. However, with enough practice and faith you soon will realize the possibilities of taking the unknown path become endless. A sense of balance will be born without the pain, the suffering and the questioning, “Is this all life has to offer? I am sure when I was born the Divine had a better plan”….

Truth Bomb; the Universe, the Flow, that Energy Source within did not bring you here to snap selfies on Instagram, show off your non existent life on Facebook, wake up time and time again hungover (sure, this is the last time). The flow did not put you in this Wonderful World to binge watch Netflix, eat junk food and than complain you are sick and have no energy. Think about it, as deep as this sounds, I know it rings truth.

Ever been asked by someone, “What is your purpose in this life?” What is your answer? Think about it, dissect it. How does it make you feel to be asked that question? It really can shine some light on someones life. That AH- HA moment when you may come to realize you have not been living life to your full potential.

What now, you may ask? Practice. I am looking at this as an opportunity to embrace, not waste, a new year with new beginnings of self discovery and inner joy. Ask and you shall receive the unimaginable.

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