What Pulls Your Trigger?

My list of triggers is longer than the piece of paper I wrote them on. I’d imagine there are even triggers I have yet to uncover. I want to talk about this because as I progress on this sobriety wagon I have encountered moments where not only did I want to fall off this wagon, but actually deconstruct it so I never have to ride the fucking thing again. I have filled my wagon with so many excuses I am surprised to see it still sitting at my front door the next morning. Luckily, this wagon is my higher being … Continue reading What Pulls Your Trigger?

Why This Blog?

I ask myself this question every time I attempt to write one. I know there is a reason. I know there is a point. It came about because my life, like so many others, has been one of substance abuse, excessive drinking, smoking weed, cigarettes and very good parties. All surrounded by some of the most epic people on the planet. I once played glow in the dark bocce ball on Ketamine somewhere in NZ. I’ve danced with the stars on acid, I’ve done blow off pretty much any surface you can imagine. I started young. Probably why the industry … Continue reading Why This Blog?