Do You Turn Right or Left?

More times than not, I would hang a right. Walking out the staff door after a very busy service, buzzing with adrenaline, pocket full of cash, the whole crew is going, sure let us go out, just for one. The other option, the not so popular one, would be to hang a left. Head home, have a cup of tea, read a book, save your cash and have a nice peaceful sleep waking up fresh as a daisy. Right or Left? I find it fascinating that the majority of us in the industry would almost every time say yes to hanging the right, not the left. Now, if one of us did decide to take the straight and narrow path left it is very likely you hung a right the night before and did not fully recover.

This right vs. left was first discussed between me and my life coach years ago when I was consistently hanging a right every night and falling deeper and deeper down the hole. We get so trapped within our habitual daily routine that we do not realize the damage it is doing, until we shine light on it. Then you have a choice. Once you become aware of something you then have a choice to accept it or change it. Accepting it comes with a price. It comes along with the awareness of your behavior and the effects it is having on so many aspects of your life. Health, wealth, happiness… In all honesty, I find it hard to believe that people just accept the lesser of life because they are comfortable with it. They never dare to see what may happen if they were to hang a left instead. Which brings me to choice number two. Change. Once the light shines to the left you realize you can choose that path instead. I like this path, the road less traveled. There are plenty of bumps (no, not those kind of bumps haha) and obstacles on this journey, however, they are new and exciting. I can guarantee you that if you continue to hang a right, nothing will ever change, but if you hang a left consistently, the path is full of new possibilities and opportunities you may have never come across if you were hanging a right, night after night.

The irony in all this, I never got to fully embrace turning left after a service. I kept on hanging a right until I hit rock bottom and then the only way left to turn… was left.

The genius thing is peeps, that this can be applied to many different areas in your life where you know you are making a choice that does not serve your greater good. So take a moment and ask yourself… which way in life do I want to go? Right or Left?

Blessings x

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