A Day In My Life… as a Server

You're late for work, hung over as usual 
It's 5 pm and you finally crawl out of bed
You're confused, still drunk or whatever you decided
Feeling sorry for yourself for last nights desires
Regardless you tell yourself, this time it's different
You pull it together and convince yourself, that you can do it
Ignoring the fact, you're being oblivious to the moment 
At work already, you just woke up
Writing down the features and pretending they matter
Check your section and smile for everyone watching 
Deal with the drama of guests and their every request 
Gluten free, dairy free, shellfish allergies at best 
Keep smiling, keep smiling all the while, dying on the inside
Yep, we can split that, however you'd like
Pull off a perfect service wondering how you did it
At this stage of existence it's probably best to 86 it.

KSF xx