Mixed Tape

I smile, I pretend
Put on a show for those watching
Am admired and praised
Yet am slowly dying of exhaustion 
Exhausted from the battle
Keeping the secrets and the shame
Being alone and addicted
Is a war I wasn't ready to face

I will change my tune and uncover the truth
Stop that old record from spinning and play a song of self worth
Fire the DJ, the demons, the habits and the band
Bring on a new being of inspiration and healing
I will give anything to create, to compose a new album
Full of love and sobriety with songs of compassion
The old music is fading, a new artist is in the making 
An unknown path lies ahead with a soundtrack unheard of
They'll be skips in her beat, scratches on her c.d 
Yet the end result, will be a rock star masterpiece.

I am enough,
KSF xx