Rabbit Hole

I asked myself once about that dang rabbit hole
How deep is it I thought and how will I know
I have now come to realize it's a place of great darkness
It is cold, it is scary and holds the truth within all of us
I am grateful for that, as crazy as it sounds
Without seeing that darkness, the light never would have been found 

Do not be mislead, it is only the beginning 
Sobriety and self love are the start of this journey
They say addicts must recover and identify with their problem
I disagree with that, I would prefer to uncover 
Peel off the layers, one by one 
Find out the truth of who I've become

I can blame that whiskey, left on the counter
I was three years old when I found it and drank it
I can blame that bottle, I poured out for my mom
I was eight years old with no clue what was going on
I can blame my father, for drinking himself to death
I can blame myself for not accepting he was sick

Fortunately my soul was not made for defeat  
Thank you Rabbit Hole.. for making me take the leap

To Be Continued...

KSF xx